Some cool downloadable documents and forms necessary to complete a successful Marine Survey. All open in a new Tab where you will have the option to download or print each document – please note, several of these documents are rather large and may take some time to load in your browser – BUT – it is well worth the weight! Lol…

Click on the link below to see the published Glossary of terms suitable for use by IACS members and Marine Surveyors


White Paper presented by: Phil Anderson, Master Mariner, FNI, BA(Hons.)

My own experience has shown a few companies have fully embraced the ISM Code as it was intended where the companies can demonstrate a significant reduction in their accidents and claims and, as a direct consequence, their profitability has increased, their insurance premiums have decreased and the moral in those companies appears to be at an all time high.

Phil Anderson, Master Mariner, FNI, BA(Hons.)

Anderson Paper

Find below a clickable link to the revised form necessary to complete the annual HFO ( Heavy Fuel Oil ) Declaration

HFO Declaration

Below is a clickable link to a downloadable pdf document, Version 7 (21/05/2013), providing instructions for Surveyors when completing a Marine Survey

Surveyor Instructions

When completing a Condition Survey Report, the form below, opening in a new tab when clicked, may be completed online and then downloaded or printed…..

Condition Survey Form Part A

Condition Survey Part A – TUG and BARGE


Click on the link below to open the PART B form for ALL Ship Types plus forms for Barges & Tugs

Condition Survey Report PART B

Condition Survey Report – Barge – PART B 

Condition Survey Report – Tug – PART B

Below are more clickable links to the different forms necessary to complete PART C of the Condition Survey Report

NOTE: There are different forms to be completed depending upon the ship type – please click on the appropriate ship type for the relevant form..

Bulk, General Cargo, Container and Other

Chemical Tanker

Gas Tanker

Oil Tanker

Liquid Tanker

Passenger / RO-PAX






Below are clickable links to PARTs D and E of the Condition Survey Report Forms – List of Recommendations, Rectification Plan and Plan Worksheet

PART D – Recommendations

Rectification Plan

Rectification Worksheet

Part E – Non IACS Supplement